It is common following a strong storm to want to assured your home and roof is still secure. From a ground view, most homeowners look to see if they have any missing shingles. It is important to understand that roof wind damage can occur is ways which are not visible from your yard.

Important Facts Regarding Wind Damage

  • When high winds tear or remove shingles, you home’s underlayment protection may now be exposed.
  • Even if roofing materials are not missing, wind can curl shingles or break the seals that bond them.
  • Shingles can also bend removing granules. This reduces the protection value of the shingle and shortens the life of the existing roof.
  • Roof wind damage can also occur when trees or loose objects hit shingles, gutters, vents, or other structural aspects of your home.

How Wind Today, Can Damage Your Home Tomorrow

Strong seasonal winds can have a tremendous impact on your home’s roof. Damage often occurs when shingles are lifted exposing cracks and torn underlayment. The homeowner may be unaware of this roof wind damage until driven rain falls below the lifted shingles, creating leaks inside their home.

Checking For Roof Wind Damage

Most Important Step – Work With A Professional Contractor

A damaged roof can create an unsafe condition for the average homeowner. A Jenkins Inc strongly advises against grabbing the ladder out of the garage and beginning your own inspection.

Why Customers Chose Jenkins To Replace Their Roof

Our company has nearly 40 years experience as a qualified roofing contractor. Below are some additional links which may prove helpful when considering A Jenkins Inc to assist with your roofing needs: